Reading Comprehension Set 10 Ques.4:


​Which of the following statement is/are true according to the passage?

I. Two months earlier, a driver mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London, and tried to break into Parliament before being shot and killed by security forces.

II. They encouraged new recruits to act autonomously under al-Qaeda’s banner, and they helped inspire hundreds of young men to carry out suicide or conventional bombings in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Spain, Britain and elsewhere.

III. Before the September 11 attacks, bin Laden had relied on recruits trained at Afghan camps, and many had personally pledged allegiance to him.

  1. Only ii 
  2. Only iii 
  3. Only i 
  4. All are true 
  5. Both i and iii 
Level: Medium

Option D

Solution: All the above statements are true

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