Parajumbles Set 1 Ques.5:


Arrange the following sentences to form a meaningful paragraph and then choose the correct order from the options given below.

A)The consolidated gross fiscal deficit to the state GDP (GFD – GSDP) ratio in 2015-16 (RE) breached the 3 per cent ceiling of fiscal prudence for the first time since 2004-05, showing the worsening of state finances.
B)Data comes with a lag but a slippage is also expected in 2016-17. At a combined fiscal deficit of about 7 per cent, Centre and states put together, India’s fiscal deficit is large.
C)The consequences of fiscal imprudence — inflation, widening of the current account deficit and erosion of investor faith — will be adverse for the country.
D)The 2016-17 edition of the RBI’s study on state budgets has rightly warned states to claw back to the path of fiscal consolidation and lower their debt burden.

  1. ACDB 
  2. DABC 
  3. ACBD 
  4. ADCB 
  5. BADC

Option B

D will be the first sentence as it talks about RBI warning states on fiscal prudence and debt burden , supported by the statement ‘A’ . BC link can be made as large fiscal imprudence leads to mentioned consequences in the ‘C’ sentence

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