Paragraph Completion : Q no. 7


The spark could be seen almost from the day that Chandra joined TCS. There were very many capable and highly qualified young minds who joined TCS in the ’80s. To stand out so early as a star performer required great technological expertise and client recognition which he got without fail in every assignment that he worked on. (_________________________________________________). There were 63 other software vendors who worked on that project. Chandra again stood out and this contract, with him as the leader, grew to being one the largest projects for TCS at that time. And that project propelled TCS to being declared the best software house among 63 competitors.

  1. This was of course done with the consent of Mr. Kohli, the pioneer of the Indian software industry and the person who laid the foundation for TCS.
  2. He was very comfortable with the technologies being propelled by the Internet revolution.
  3. Much has been written about the manner in which he led TCS over the last 9 years, first as the COO and thereafter as the CEO.
  4. His talents were recognised immediately and he was assigned to a project that TCS got from IBM in Washington.
  5. None of the above
Level: Medium

Solution: D
In the preceding sentence, it is talking about his performance of being a great technological expertise and worked on several assignments. In the former sentence it is talking about SOME project and number of software vendors working on it. In option D it is talking about his talents and also for the project which is carried forward in latter sentence.

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