Error Spotting Question:15


If you follows (1) / her instructions (2) / you will get (3)/ a suitable reward for that (4) / No error (5).

  1. If you follows
  2. her instructions
  3. you will get
  4. a suitable reward for that
  5. No error
Level: Intense

Option A

The Plural verb ” follow” will be used in the place of the singular verb -‘follows’ because the given sentence is Conditional. Both a singular verb and a plural verb are used in such sentences. The personal pronoun –‘ you’ has been used after ‘if’ in the given Conditional sentence. So, Plural verb   ‘follow’  will be used according to the Personal pronoun –‘you’. [ The Personal pronoun “you” is used both in singular and in the plural sense but a plural verb is always used with ‘you’. ]

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